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« on: March 27, 2012, 10:34:59 AM »
Has there ever been any consideration for STATUS EFFECTS?
EG:A certain type of monster has the ability to confuse you into thinking you are a girl? and status effect is GENDER change for time period, which in turn affects the sprite of the character who is suddenly displayed in a princess dress for n turns.

This could even be extended to affects stats like HP and damage is reduced but speed is increased so you can run away faster

Other status effect ideas: Short-sightedness, drunkenness (random chance of walking in direction that was not pressed), teleport self accidentally(LOL..drunken magic), flatulence (upsets neutral creatures and makes them hostile towards you), Stick Mold monster touch(freezes you from moving for 1 turn)... I have a whole bag of these babies!!

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« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2012, 08:23:30 AM »
I think a lot of these are really great. Status effects caused by monsters, special terrain or items add a lot of flavor to the game. I can't promise anything in terms of when more things like this will be implemented, but lets keep listing status effects here. Currently there aren't many status effects in-game:

Ticks for damage until cured

Reduces movement speed until cured

The Celestial Armor of Jordan

The Crown of the Goblin King
Has anyone tried to wear it? :-)

And some comments on your suggested status effects. Currently there's no good support for timed effects that wear off after a while (except clairvoyance, but that's handled as a special case in the code). I would need to add support for timed effects, but that's something that's needed anyway...

Gender change/Shapeshifting
It's trivial to add items that grant shapeshifting into another creature when used. So transforming the player into a girl would be easy. It would be equally easy to transform the player into a Vampirebat or anything else for that matter

Shortsightedness/Blurred vision
This one is fairly easy to add. I think it should limit your field of view to only adjacent squares to really have some impact

Funny. It should be something like a potion (Pint of Goblin dark ale or a Bottle of Elven Nectar) that makes you drunk and as you write a random chance to walk in the wrong direction. It could also temporarily add some HP and Attack.

Teleport self
Really annoying but fun


Stick Mold monster touch
This is a bit similar to the stun effect of some weapons, but it should be presented differently