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The Wizard
« on: June 22, 2013, 01:49:16 PM »
Last week I played as the Wizard for the first time ever. I think he is way too powerful. Example: Book of Fire Sweep/Book of Flames plus Goblin Mask = God mode. Found the Goblin Mask in the crypt, checked if spells still do damage (books affecting multiple targets indeed do), walked straight downstairs and killed the Goblin King without any resistance. In addition, his ranged fire is nearly unlimited, so compared to the other two classes he barely ever gets poisoned. And one hit with the Charred Book of Fire will do to set even a Wraith on fire, no need to hit him twice, he'll burn to death anyway. In my new game I chose to create a Wizard/Warrior crossover. I use leather armour/boots, a metal helm and a shortsword and spend most XP on attack and defense to make it more interesting.