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Dweller Discussion / what went wrong with the dev?
« on: August 08, 2014, 07:00:21 PM »
since the update with the new interface, in nearly every  section of the game there are troubles. i dont want to list every single problem, but i cannot understand how a game can be destroyed with updates, since they normally exist to improve the game and make it even more better. in this game it seems to take the other direction.

biggest problem now is the poor game performance, since sometimes without any reason the game likes to nearly freezes and after about 30 sec it goes back to normal game speed. also the log now sometimes do really weird things with skipping or do not show the right letter. also the touchscreen now isnt exactly like before, it often happens that i tap the enemy, but instead of hitting i do a move and the enemy can do a free hit. cannot be...

but what i really cannot understand in a roguelike with permadeath is the following...
i went down the stairs only to find enemys that are too strong for now. 1 hit and im almost dead. so i went up and go down other stairs to an other floor, clearing it and went down one more floor. after picking up some items i used the scroll of recall for selling and buying new potions at the surface. after that i used another scroll to went back and what happened?? yes, it send me back to the other floor with the strong enemy who did a one hit and all the effort was for nothing.  how is this seriously possible?

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