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Dweller Discussion / Re: The game is dead?!
« on: April 19, 2019, 03:52:02 PM »
Hi everyone
It's seem Dweller (ver 1.25.9) for android, is not longer available on google store.
It's the game officially "retired/removed" from google?
I've recently change my device and I would be happy still have dweller installed on it :-(


Dweller Discussion / Re: The "I won!" Thread
« on: March 20, 2014, 10:49:57 AM »
What you do with the Dog whistle, the Magical Catnip of Mateusz, the Horn of the Warrior and 6 Bags of Monsters?
Your personal Army of Doom :-)


Dweller Discussion / Re: The "I won!" Thread
« on: December 25, 2012, 06:55:42 PM »
no no dont fix it !!! it was so useful!!!   :)
ps: merry christmas to all dwellers!!

Dweller Discussion / Re: The "I won!" Thread
« on: December 24, 2012, 12:49:50 AM »
Finally I did my first win with a Warrior. It was really hard. Some difficult until the labyrinth but with  a lot of attention and a good kit of potion of heal I got the minotaur axe, so I was able to spent a scroll of enchant to increase the damage. In the Crypt I found an enchanted sword ( Falwynn ) with good damage and fire effect, and the ring of mobility. The hall of the king was a long work. But here again many potion of healing and using the corridor to fight each monster one by one I finnally kill the goblin king. Unfortunately I didnt meet both the warrior and the ghost for the 2 quests.
Here some stats:

Level 42 Warrior (1331/2122xp)
Attack: 69
Defense: 51
Magic: 0
Speed: 25
Hit points: 65

Gold: 47236

Great sword 'Falwynn' 15/5/-3/1 MELEESLASH FLAMEBRAND
Godly Unbreakable Full plate armour 0/16/-3/-1
The Hell Cloak of Florian 2/4/-2/0
The Horned helmet of Yngar the Wise 3/4/-1/0
Warriors Deadly Dwarven boots 1/4/-1/0
Ring of Mobility 0/0/0/6 LEVITATE
The Pendant "Calvin's Imagination" 1/1/3/4 REGENERATE

1xDefenders Solid Minotaur axe 9/4/-4/0 MELEESLASH KNOCKBACK
1xGreat sword 'Falwynn' 15/5/-3/1 MELEESLASH FLAMEBRAND
1xStaff of the Lich King 2/2/10/0 MELEE
1xVenomblade 5/3/-2/1 MELEE POISON
1xClaw of Wendigo 4/0/7/0 MELEE
1xThe Golden shield of Balance 2/9/0/-1
1xWarriors Deadly Dwarven boots 1/4/-1/0
1xThe Hell Cloak of Florian 2/4/-2/0
1xThe Horned helmet of Yngar the Wise 3/4/-1/0
1xGodly Unbreakable Full plate armour 0/16/-3/-1
1xRing of Mobility 0/0/0/6 LEVITATE
47236xGold coins
1xTome of the Lich King SUMMONSKELETON
1xBarbed Choker 4/-1/0/2
1xThe Pendant "Calvin's Imagination" 1/1/3/4 REGENERATE

3 x Mouth of the King
1 x Ratking
1 x Lich King
49 x Troll
48 x Giant Spider
145 x Sewer Rat
1 x Ratling 'Bloodroar'
1 x Goblin King
1 x Sewer Rat 'Razorfang'
17 x Dark Wizard
18 x Carnivorous Plant
59 x Goblin Shaman
55 x Rat
5 x Cat
127 x Orc
204 x Goblin
43 x Worg
17 x Vampire
1 x Orc 'Danu'
1 x Wraith 'Blackrot the Deceiver'
50 x Goblin Captain
1 x Minotaur
372 x Ooze
54 x Ghoul
41 x Ratling
6 x Eye of the King
1 x Shambling corpse 'Darkhowl'
75 x Wraith
2 x Sewer Troll
14 x Ratling Elder
1 x Goblin 'Snalagh'
11 x Cultist
28 x Vampire Bat
4 x Animated Armor
26 x Shambling corpse
131 x Skeleton

Spider venomRat hunterThe Goblin KingThe Crown of the Goblin King

ps: Sorry for my bad english.

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