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Czołem. To akurat kwestia ograniczenia oryginalnych tekstów.
Jeśli dobrze pamiętam, "You switch places with [nazwa stwora]". Kłopot polega na tym, że w wersji polskiej potrzeba modyfikacji nazwy stwora o rodzaj/przypadek, czego w angielskiej składni nie ma. Musiałem więc wymyślić jakąś uniwersalną informację korzystającą z mianownika. Brzmi to kaleko, ale ciężko o coś lepszego.
Takich kompromisów było w całym procesie mnóstwo... niestety na chwilę obecną Bjorn nie ma czasu ani ochoty wracać do Dwellera. Platforma przez którą przesyłaliśmy tłumaczenia padła jeszcze wcześniej, więc tu też już porobione. Pewnie nie na taką odpowiedź liczyłeś, ale życzę miłej zabawy tym co jest.

Dweller Discussion / Re: what went wrong with the dev?
« on: March 29, 2016, 12:23:19 AM »
Actually, I felt a strong wave of nostalgia taking me back to Dweller today.

Bjorn, what's up mate, all good?
Easter or not, all the best to you and yours.
Thanks for all the good times you've selflessly given us since 2003.

Dweller Discussion / Re: Is there a "best" Dweller version?
« on: March 29, 2016, 12:11:24 AM »
The best would be the one that used the old 8x8 (pre-Oryx) sprites and ran on 128x128 screens and was capped at 64Kb size. :)
For the time, there was nothing like it, pure delight.
And man, was it HARD!

Elfia woda to nic innego jak napój Many.
Nad zapadniami nie da się przeskoczyć, ale można je rozbroić (z widoku "celuj/zbadaj").

Dweller Discussion / Re: dweller
« on: September 28, 2014, 12:40:51 PM »
Stubble, seriously - you're way too emotional about this.
As for Pixel Dungeon, while it is most likely the best mobile Roguelike when it comes to optimalisation for touchscreens (Dungeon of Slyn for example is much deeper in every aspect and better balanced, but it's just a pain in the ass to navigate around), it does have its shortcomings too.
First of all, it's way too drop-dependent and if you don't get a proper Armor and Weapon early on you're doomed to slowly bleed out of all healing potions and food (from resting), making further progress impossible.
Secondly, late gameplay often requires strategies which are so ridicoulusly far fetched and narrow, that you're going to have real trouble advancing if you didn't read the online walkthroughs.

Bear in mind that Dweller was first designed for phones with physical keypads and only ported to Android almost a decade later. It was, and still remains a landmark in mobile entertainment as the first and THE best J2ME Rougelike ever created.
If you want proof of the effort put into it's production, consider the fact that Bjorn has been first writing it in the times when devices were restrained to 64kB for OTA downloads, so he had to squeeze all the code and assets in that amount of memory.
It was a journey into the unknown as noone before has picked up the genre on J2ME. Today, games like Pixel Dungeon can get away with any kind of messy coding, readily available libraries and other tools which cut down the effort to a fraction, and there are virtually no limits when it comes to storage or computing power.

If your only purpose of being here is to bitch and moan, then do yourself a favour and act like the wiser ones do - stop posting untill there's an update and you have something relevant to say.

Dweller Discussion / Re: dweller
« on: August 31, 2014, 10:59:29 PM »
Rageqiut unspectacular.

To już niestety nie moja broszka, męcz Bjorna. ;)

Pies cenny o tyle, że Gwizdek dostaje tylko Ranger na start i nigdy się nie dropnie dla nikogo innego. Czyli +1 sojusznik za friko.
Gwizdek można odpalać co 20 tur i wezwać gratis nowego Psa, gdyby poprzedni padł, został piętro niżej/wyżej lub wskoczył na pułapkę teleportującą i gdzieś "zniknął". Warto też wezwać nowego gdy osiągnie się następny poziom (będzie mocniejszy).
Pies i inni ewentualni pomagierzy (Kot, Wojownik, stworzenia przyzwane lub pod wpływek Uroku) zarabiają doświadczenie dla Ciebie.

Gra jest obrzydliwie prosta jak się nie leci kompletnie na pałę.

Z technicznego punktu widzenia Maska Goblina działa tak jakbyś zmienił "Frakcję" i wszyscy poprzedni wrogowie traktują Cię jak przyjaciela, a dawni sojusznicy jako wroga (potwora). Nie możesz też bezpośrednio atakować stworów (poza swoimi byłymi sojusznikami), ponieważ gra widzi je jako "przyjaciół".

Pieniądze wydajesz w sklepach (Merchant&Healer) na powierzchni.
Leczysz się przez levelowanie i potki (do znalezienia i kupienia na powierzchni - > Healer).
Definitywnie Ranger najlepszy na start, ze względu na Psa który ma moc przerobową jak dodatkowa postać, plus ta postać najszybciej się porusza i atakuje z oddali bez zużywanie żadnej "many".

Ograj się trochę, to szybko załapiesz, gra jest prosta i łatwa, this ain't no rocket science. ;)

Ideas / Re: Monster ideas
« on: June 07, 2014, 11:54:48 PM »
What bothers me is that the current debuffs are contact-only, making the Warrior - already the least fun class to play IMHO, even worse.

Some real killers would be:

- "Silencing" spell cast at a distance, disrupting use of Book-based magic. This would actually have an added bonus of the making the possesion of Wands highly desirable at last.

- "Feedback" Spell dealing Normal Damage (impossible to mitigate with Magic Resistance), based on victim's current Mana.

- "Confusion" Spell, causing the Book-based Spells and Wands to backfire, in addition to messing up regular attacks

- Remote Mana Drain

- Remote/Trap-based slow or immobilisation ("Root"/"Web" Spell, physical webs, adding crippling Slow to Spike Traps when not in Iron Boots, etc.)

- Regular ranged enemies, including the reinstitution of classic Goblin Scouts (with Warriors having much better odds to avoid damage based on shields' Block Chance)

- An idea already mentioned earlier - a Spell, Trap or Special attack that turns the allies hostile

- Monsters with magical "Deflection", causing most of the Player's ranged attacks to miss or even turn back against them

- "Blindness", making the use of ranged weapons and Wands near-impossible, disabling Book-based magic and cutting down the chance to hit in melee

- Gas Traps and Spells, filling the area with high-damage gas (hard to code I guess)

Knock yourself out with this selection. ;)

Ideas / Re: Item ideas
« on: June 02, 2014, 07:18:37 PM »
Muscle potion would make a lot of sense if the carrying capacity didn't increase with Character Level alone, like it does now...

Ideas / Re: Traps
« on: June 01, 2014, 11:42:02 PM »
Weeeeeell, that was surprising.

A little off-topic, but still on "next thing to adjust" list...
I've noticed that I never, EVER miss with ranged weapons. Now what the hell? Not only does the Ranger get the priviledge of ramping up the biggest Speed score for insane amount of "moves", but also his accuracy is based off this stat? Switch all accuracy to Attack stat to make it a viable choice when leveling up. And while at it, perhaps increase the scaling for Melee attacks as all the Warriors  I've played always seem to have like 60% accuracy at best.

Ideas / Re: Traps
« on: May 31, 2014, 03:21:03 PM »
That is a bunch of very solid ideas, which unfortunately get completely squashed with the current "Dweller Reality".
First of all, no matter how dangerous the trap (including being surrounded by monsters), if it doesn't kill you outright, then you can always simply Recall/Teleport/Mass Teleport out of trouble.
Secondly, there's a couple items which grant Levitation -  completely negating all floor-based traps (If it was me, I'd get rid of those, or make them charges-based and only triggering a short buff, not pernament Levitation).
Then, there's this thing about monsters not being overly dangerous in general, and generated quite sparsly, so that the player very rarely gets stressed out at all. That defeats the idea of having locked doors as well - they're just a useless nuisance.
Finally, there's no real incentive to grab inconveniently placed treasure chests, as the loot distribution is very random, tending to give you a lot of "tier 1" crap, not even worth wasting your time on. Oh and don't forget about the players quickly learning to "wait/search" when they see a bunch of chests together, as the rest of the room will be filled with traps for sure.

Sorry to bomb your thread with such whining, but maybe this way Bjorn will get a hint.

Bugs and Feedback / 1.24.25 [J2ME] Feedback
« on: April 12, 2014, 09:51:55 PM »
Hiya, let's get straight to the point. This is what I've found so far (like 3 minutes of gameplay):

The BAD:
- The game seems a tad slower, again. There's a lot of blinking when moving, as if the screen was being redrawn too much.
- The new walls don't work too good with the "shadow" mask when out of FOV. The mask merges with those single "sprayed on" pixels and looks like inkspots on the walls.
- At the intro, the first picture shows up at the top of the screen and is then immidiately moved to center, lookes like the object is placed at default coordinates and already rendered, and then redrawn again after calculating where the center is. Haven't noticed anything like this with next slides.
- Last text panel of the intro requires superfast reading, because it shows up for like 2 seconds (whic is the same as the rest, only it's 3 times more text to read!).
- The new menu bars (at the top of some screen), have this useless X for touchscreens.
- The text in those new menu bars is clipped a bit at the top and bottom.
- Immidiately after shopping or toggling any of the options in any menu (that includes actions with items from inventory, so I see how that's linked to shopping too), neither the key "left" nor "right" work. After taking one step into any other direction, it will work, just can't take the first step to the left or right. In other words, it's locking these keys for 1 step (left&right because those can be used as confirmation/cancell in menus I guess).
- Healthbars are misplaced to the right by about half a tile and empty (dark grey inside, with no color indicator). The positioning might be because they have the X coordinate rounded up to full multiplier of 16 (or whatever was the tile width).
- Looks like the screen doesn't get refreshed properly when shopping. Or maybe it's the inventory not getting refreshed? I seem to have bought 4 quivers in a row, while the shopkeeper always had 1. Interestingly, my Gold was showing properly when looking at the "item info" screen but was back to the initial value over and over, when looking at the shopkeeper's inventory.
- Missing some translations (the base text got altered here and there), need to get a new way of working on translation files.

- I do have polish fonts unlike Makiki (or should I say - unlike Android version?)
- It's a new version of Dweller!

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