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Bugs and Feedback / 1.24.25 [J2ME] Feedback
« on: April 12, 2014, 09:51:55 PM »
Hiya, let's get straight to the point. This is what I've found so far (like 3 minutes of gameplay):

The BAD:
- The game seems a tad slower, again. There's a lot of blinking when moving, as if the screen was being redrawn too much.
- The new walls don't work too good with the "shadow" mask when out of FOV. The mask merges with those single "sprayed on" pixels and looks like inkspots on the walls.
- At the intro, the first picture shows up at the top of the screen and is then immidiately moved to center, lookes like the object is placed at default coordinates and already rendered, and then redrawn again after calculating where the center is. Haven't noticed anything like this with next slides.
- Last text panel of the intro requires superfast reading, because it shows up for like 2 seconds (whic is the same as the rest, only it's 3 times more text to read!).
- The new menu bars (at the top of some screen), have this useless X for touchscreens.
- The text in those new menu bars is clipped a bit at the top and bottom.
- Immidiately after shopping or toggling any of the options in any menu (that includes actions with items from inventory, so I see how that's linked to shopping too), neither the key "left" nor "right" work. After taking one step into any other direction, it will work, just can't take the first step to the left or right. In other words, it's locking these keys for 1 step (left&right because those can be used as confirmation/cancell in menus I guess).
- Healthbars are misplaced to the right by about half a tile and empty (dark grey inside, with no color indicator). The positioning might be because they have the X coordinate rounded up to full multiplier of 16 (or whatever was the tile width).
- Looks like the screen doesn't get refreshed properly when shopping. Or maybe it's the inventory not getting refreshed? I seem to have bought 4 quivers in a row, while the shopkeeper always had 1. Interestingly, my Gold was showing properly when looking at the "item info" screen but was back to the initial value over and over, when looking at the shopkeeper's inventory.
- Missing some translations (the base text got altered here and there), need to get a new way of working on translation files.

- I do have polish fonts unlike Makiki (or should I say - unlike Android version?)
- It's a new version of Dweller!

Dweller Discussion / Random dungeon generation not random enough?
« on: May 05, 2013, 02:09:31 AM »
So, we know that the dungeons in Dweller are not fully random
but instead made from a random arrangement of premade rooms.
This is not what I wanted to discuss, however. Read on.

What bothers me is that I get this feeling for quite a while that
the algorithm which selects the rooms is pretty limited if not even
somewhat broken. It seems to be selecting a couple rooms (and
their rotated variants) for the whole level and they tend to repeat
awfully often. It's common to have the same room appear twice
or even 3 times within the same level, while there's plenty more
to chose from. Why?

Also, I'm not sure why the Crypt has an awfull lot of corridors and
super-common "cells with gates" rooms and barely ever uses the
fancy wide halls with statues, altars and church-like benches which
were supposed to add that Catacombs feeling to it.

Dweller Discussion / This sucks!
« on: April 29, 2013, 10:59:21 PM »
Since mechanics-wise, the game has gotten better than ever, I'd like
to rant a bit about some small things that completely suck imho.

- Gold from Chests is ridicoulusly low, about 10-20.
- Warrior has no good option for the Spider quest reward. Book and
Bow are unusable for him and Venomblade has negligible damage.
- Shields are so powerfull (c'mon, Dragonscale Shield gives a couple
points more Defence than a suit of Platemail, plus a crazy chance to
block on top and magic resistance) that two-handed weapons become
obsolete. Especially Flails, which lack any kind of substance to them.
- Speed is the most important of stats and non-Rangers get shafted
really badly because of this.
- Burning can take 20 turns sometimes, that's insane!
- Bags of Treasure still give a lot of sucky items. It's more profitable
to just sell them and spare yourself the frustration in the long run.
- Shopkeeper only sales 2 keys at a time, too bad if you need 8 for
a single Crypt level sometimes.
- Training Grounds reset the Recall Depth.

Bugs and Feedback / 1.30.2 Feedback
« on: January 16, 2013, 07:26:06 PM »
I gotta say it's a great feeling when spellcasting enemies finally
cease to outsummon my kills and outheal my damage! For a real
"fair play" they should also have their Mana regen at a pace of 1
per "turn".

Arrows of Fire and other special ones feel great with the lower
overall damage output of the 1.30.X versions, finally have started
using them and I'm really impressed with how fitting these are.

And now for the bad stuff:

- Potions of Wizardry pernamently grant +5 Mana. When did this
change happen? Why isn't there any mention of it? Should it even
happen at all? 5 is a LOT.

- I dunno why, but 1 Damage from Rod of Subduing always gets
reduced to 0 even if I'm hitting a Rat with 2 Defence. I tried literally
hundreds of times, still 0. It might have something to do with the
formula rounding stuff up or down every time. I'll try with about 50
Attack or so, later on. For now, the Charm is never applied, it's not
even tested, as there's no "failed" message either! Might be it only
works after dealing some damage, we'll see

- When a pushable decoration or furniture are pushed into a shelf,
cauldron or other "item-spawning" tile, no item gets generated at
all. There's also this horrible "pushable furniture destroy other such
furniture when pushed at each other" thing and classic "jump over
any non-default tile, or don't move at all when there's a another
non-default floor tile behind it" known from pushable stones. That's
a mess, try to explain these mechanics to someone new, it simply
looks broken and random.

- Broadhead Arrows are too damn expensive, 240 a piece is like
shooting disposable Shortswords! I guess this is just the way the
prices are generated (240 for a 5 Damage item with no extra stats),
but for Arrows you could add some extra flag like "cheap" that'd
make the final price more acceptable.

- Crossbows are a bit redundant. Compared to say an Elven Bow,
they have more than twice it's Attack Speed for just +3 Damage.
Supposedly the Stun part should even it out, but it simply doesn't
as it only wastes "half a turn" for the enemy, so you gain nothing
considering it takes 2 "turns" to shoot it. It's almost on par with the
said Elven Bow when facing single enemy, but complete waste if
there's more of them. Maybe remove the Stun part altogether and
make it hit 2 enemies in a row like the Halberd does?

I'll add some more as I try other classes. Ranger is definately fun
and the difficulty level feels great for him!

P.S. I've tested the Rod of Subuing with higher Attack and inded it
started working properly (Charming when any Damage was done).
I like how this whole aggraviation mechanics prevent from abusing
constant re-Charming. In fact, I'd like to share a post mortem shot
of certain really pissed Wraith after a couple of Charms gone bad:

I've heard that after smearing my corpse all over the full 10 levels
of the Goblin Dungeon, it's beaten the combined powers of Mecha
Godzilla, Stephen Hawking and the Klingons and proclaimed itself
the God Emperor of the Universe and Everything briefly before
inevitably collapsing into a black hole from all the accumulated hate.

Shorter version - there are no limits to how many bonuses enraged
monsters get, I've managed to get some enemies into hundreds in
stats before getting mauled (cheated to live that long, of course).


I've had real difficulties getting enchanted weapons of any kind, did
the chance for those to drop get reduced? Never found a weapon
"of something", only some pityfull +1 versions if any.

Bugs and Feedback / 1.30.0 (3) Feedback
« on: January 13, 2013, 06:30:30 PM »
- Ranger uses his Ranged weapon damage for melee attacks
when disarmed. This leads to absurd (20+ with Crossbow)
damage output instead of a penalty.
- All Crossbows now read "Crossbow of Stunning", because
of their "legacy" stun atribute.
- Still on the topic of Crossbow, it deals incredible damage,
even tho I haven't upgraded the Attack stat on my Ranger.
When testing it against a Target Dummy with only 12 Attack,
I did like 15-28 damage, with average of like 24.
- Enemies like Sewer Trolls can dish out almost 30 damage in
one hit, that's a bit too harsh imho.

I still don't really get it. When I use the Crossbow with 12+2
damage (with normal ammo), that means 14 damage. Having
12 Attack, it gets upgraded to 15 (14+12%). Now, Attack vs
Defence roll can add at most another 12% of damage, so
that it becomes 17 damage (1,5 rounded up), so where does
25+ come from?!

Bugs and Feedback / 1.30.0 (2) Feedback
« on: January 08, 2013, 09:59:11 PM »
It seems as if the enemies are struggling to deal damage. My Wizard
was able to simply stand surrounded by tough enemies for a couple
turns, recaiving either none or pityfull damage.

On the other hand, Warrior can easily dish out meleed amage against
his helpless enemies.

I blame this whole Attack-to-Defence modifiers to Damage. Aparently
this part has too strong emphasis on the final Damage output and with
player's stats being so crushingly superior to his enemies, he ends up
dealing and absorbing a lot more Damage.

Bugs and Feedback / 1.22.16 Feedback
« on: January 05, 2013, 07:56:12 PM »
- Something fishy is going on with the new "on fire" thing. I can see the message
about my enemies receiving "on fire" status, but there's no info about it in their
"inspect" screen. They do blink with fire effect for a couple turns but never seem
to receive any damage from it (even1-defence Oozes). Sometimes, the spell fails
even tho that never used to happen earlier.
- Spell damage seems to have gone up twice for the basic Fire spell, I don't know
whether that's some mishap with the new "fire" thing or just an intended change.
- With more and more destructible stuff, the enemies could use some change in AI
that'd only let them move into obstacles if there's absolutely nowhere else to go.
Some kind of "destruction test" would be nice too. Otherwise half of the stuff is
turned into debris by randomly moving creatures.

And 2 things I forgot to add with previous versions, regarding rendering:
- Bookshelves are drawn UNDERNEATH bloodstains on the floor.
- Graphical hit effect (Fire, Slash, Ranged hit thingy) lag behind when the enemy
survives and moves afterward. The way it looks is something like this - firebolt
flies to the enemy, it is drawn on the enemy tile, then the enemy moves and the
fireball is left behind for a frame before dissapearing.

Bugs and Feedback / 1.22.15 Feedback
« on: January 05, 2013, 09:12:49 AM »
- All kinds of Healing Spells (including Wands and Healer's services) only heal
up to like 5 HPs.
- Amount of Mana replenished by Elven Water got severly reduced as well.
- Completing reward-less newbie quests results in non-fatal "array index out
of bounds" error.
- Pushing scenery pieces into breakable furniture will break the latter, even if
the player doesn't have the recquired "heavy" weapon.

Bugs and Feedback / 1.22.14 Feedback
« on: January 02, 2013, 11:24:05 AM »
Attack Speed on weapons displays the text labels instead of proper
strings, so it reads:

"ACTIONSPEED_FAST (80%)" instead of "Fast", etc. in all languages.

Looking thru the files packed into the .jar, I've noticed that Items.png
is missing the Quicksilver Blade, unlike the file uploaded under /db.
Dunno what would happen if the player was to find one - propably
will be "invisible" because of the blank tile.

That was from 1.22.13

Dweller Discussion / Lucky, jinxed, climatic or weird situations.
« on: December 01, 2012, 04:16:59 PM »
I felt this board lacks a thread like this. A place to ramble and brag about lucky
or unlucky stuff that happened to your characters, maybe something odd or a
weird combination of events that you feel like sharing.

Here's a recent cascade of extremely lucky events with my new Wizard:
First of all, I checked the shop whether there was anything usefull to buy for
starters and what do I get? Elven shoes and a named Wizard's Staff with Poison
and Slow! Both of these would be 740 gold, far exceeding my initial funds, so I
decided to sell everything but my Robe and Scrolls of Recall, hoping to get a new
spellbook on one of the first levels.
Imagine my surprise when I got Black Book of Draining in my very first chest that
was just like 3 steps away from the entrance!
On the same level (first one!) I also got myself a Potion of Change and of Might
and also one of Wizardry. Plus a Scroll of Enchant that boosted my super-staff
to 4/4/9/2 (Poison, Slow, Light, Magic res).
Thru next 2 dungeon levels I have completed my gear with a Wizard's Hat and
Robe, Enchanted Prismatic Band and a Moonstone Pendant. A complete set of
books for every occasion (Dragon's Breath, Fire Sweep, Teleport, basic Firebolt)
Plus I vastly boosted my basic stats with another 2 quality Potions of Change.

Bugs and Feedback / 1.22.12 Feedback
« on: November 13, 2012, 12:05:45 PM »
So far so good!

Only thing I found not working as intended for now, is the "quickslot" notice
on items. Instead of marking items which are in quickslots, it only applies to
current item in Trinket or Ranged slot, no matter whether it's actually in a
quickslot or not.

This is something I've mentioned here.

It appears that SoE and the Soulstone check the Magic stat
when determining whether the enchantment was successfull.
This way, a Warrior with heavy armor and weapons, having
a massively negative Magic stat will always fail, cursing his
items instead.

I really don't mind combat and utility spells failing or backfiring
on such character, since negative Magic intuitively implies he's
gonna have a hard time trying any kind of spell, however, with
enchant spell, this is incredibly annoying. One can just as well
remove all the -Magic equips and only enchant in Forest with
no penalties whatsoever.

Bottom line - please remove the Magic-based roll for enchants.

Same seems to apply for Scrolls of Recharging failing. Only these
do not produce any message, just get wasted in vain.

Bugs and Feedback / 1.22.11 Feedback
« on: October 29, 2012, 12:05:28 PM »
- When the player misses, the floating "Miss" shows up above
both the player and his enemy.
- Damage or poison from traps is shown before the message
about the trap being sprung.
- New spike trap gfx are a little weird, they look kinda "flat" and
light is applied to their right, even tho the rest of the Dweller
gfx is drawn with the light coming from top direction.
- It seems as if some new Forest "rooms" were added and the
overworld looks much better now, being less of a rectangle,
but it also creates some weird stuff like this:

walled-out area which shouldn't even be visible at all.

More to come (hopefully not!).


- I've just found out that the Banish part of summoning items
can easily fail with low enough magic score. My Warrior had
about -20 Magic and failed at this a lot. Funny part is that when
a summoning item successfully summons an ally but fails with
banishing the previous one, it will create more and more copies
of that ally up to the point when Banishing succeds and all the
clones are removed at once.


- Pearlescent Soulstone doesn't charge itself up when not in
the trinket slot. This was fixed for all the items gaining charges
with passing turns, but apparently not for those which gain
them on kills.
- Another problem with that item is that it can't be equipped
normally and needs to be dropped and picked up while having
an empty trinket slot (chosing autoequip from popup). This is
because attempting to "use" it while unequipped will trigger the
item selection for enchanting, but then warn about insufficient
- There's also a problem with Warrior being completely shafted
when it comes to using SoE or the Soulstone, made another
thread for it .


- Stun is still imbalanced. Sure it isn't applied in all cases, but
when it is, it can last anywhere from 2 to bazilion turns, easily
reaching 50. It looks as if the creature gets a "stunned" debuff
and doesn't get to move untill it "rolls out" of it, but the chances
of succesfully breaking the stun condition are abysmally small.


- Not really a bug, but a funny feature: any pressure plate that
has a Statue aligned with it will create a Living Armor when it's
triggered. Meaning that a pressure plate which was supposed
to only serve for opening a treasure-room gate can summon a
Living Armor from a Statue which was just a decoration in its
neighbouring room!

- When a Wand or Soulstone is recharged via appropriate scroll,
it moves from the quickslot it was assigned to, to the last one.

Ideas / Improving the Training Grounds.
« on: October 25, 2012, 10:41:06 PM »
First of all, I think that the training quests should give a tiny
amount of exp like 1-2 for each, to let the player know he's
gaining some kind of knowledge by listening to the veterans.

Seeing how the "Let's get started" quest is completed by
speaking to another NPC, why not make the "Traps" quest
similar? Just place another Instructor behind the line of traps
and make him say something like "You should be ready for
your adventure now, step thru this portal to return to the

Bugs and Feedback / 1.22.10 Feedback
« on: October 24, 2012, 07:56:32 PM »
- In the top-right corner of the map, there's an empty healthbar visible.
- Claw of the Wendigo uses Black Blade's gfx.
- It seems as if the "x sees you" message is broken and only shows
very rarely for some reason (aside from rats in the Forest). The same
is true for "x wakes up" message. Plus the sleeping ones now have
floating dots above their heads and idle ones have nothing (used to
be Z for sleeping, dots for idle).
- Found a Fine Recurve bow with Fire enchantment, but it's not called
a Recurve bow of Fire for some reason. Now the same with Elven bow
having Poison on it, it wasn't generated as Elven bow of Poison but
simply called Fine Elven bow.
- Allies refuse to go thru pools of lava, is that intentional?

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